• Goldstein & Goldstein files lawsuit alleging TSA open urn and spilled ashes

    Goldstein & Goldstein are currently pursuing a case against TSA in Federal Court in Cleveland.  In the lawsuit, it is alleged that TSA agents opened an urn containing the cremated remains of the Plaintiff’s mother, which had been packed in the Plaintiff’s checked luggage, and that the ashes then spilled throughout the luggage. This case has received nationwide media attention: http://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2014/10/02/lawsuit-tsa-agents-unscrewed-urn-spilled-deceased-mothers-ashes-in-cleveland-mans-suitcase http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/mom-ashes-scattered-luggage-tsa-suit-article-1.1964564 http://abcnews.go.com/Travel/tsa-accused-spilling-dead-womans-ashes-sons-luggage/story?id=25994782

  • Goldstein & Goldstein files lawsuit on behalf of abuse victims

    Goldstein & Goldstein has filed a lawsuit against an Ashtabula County School District and Newspaper as the result of childhood sexual abuse.  In the lawsuit, the Plaintiffs, who are former student-athletes, allege that the school and newspaper employed and enabled the perpetrator, a basketball coach at the school and sports editor for the paper, the ability to commit sexual assaults against the victims. As reported in the news: http://ashtabulacurrent.com/two-former-students-file-lawsuit-against-local-school-district-and-newspaper/
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